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Leather Cleaning Sydney

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Leather should be cleaned and cared for using the correct products and care procedure. Like our skin, leather can dry out, harden and even crack if incorrect products are used or if the leather is not looked after properly. Simple rule for leather Clean, Condition, Protect

We don’t just clean your leather, we can also apply conditioners, protectors and aroma treatments to your leather to make it look and smell like new. It is crucial not just to clean leather but to have it fed and protected.

Our clients include large shopping centres, hotels, universities and factories as well as commercial offices.

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    Why leather should be cared for?

    The obvious reason is so it looks nice and new again, but if your leather is dirty, the dirt can actually damage the leather and so your leather won’t last as long as it would normally have done. Dirt also gets into creases and cracks and holds them open, which can make your leather look very old and worn, again causing the damage to worsen as the leather ages.

    Leather is a natural material, just like our skin and if it isn’t moisturised on a regular basis it will start to dry out. Drying of the leather can then lead to the leather becoming hard, stiff and eventually cracking. We have rich leather conditioner that will soften and revive even the most dried out leathers bringing life back into your upholstery.

    We can also apply protection creams to the leathers surface to aid durability, help repel stains, prevent the absorbtion of dirt, oils and grease and also help block out sun rays that will lighten the leather.

    When we clean your leather we take several things into consideration. We evaluate and identify the type of leather, if there are any damages to the leathers finish or pigmented coating. From this information we can select the correct cleaning product and method for the specific job. We will also give you recommendations about future leather care to help you make the most out of your purchase.

    Why Choose Bubbles Carpet Cleaning as your Preferred Leather Cleaners in Sydney?

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